Residence permit in Turkey

Residence permit in Turkey

Due to unique geographical location, nice weather and spectacular places in Turkey, this country attract tourists from all over the world each year. Culture, tourist attractions and growing economic situation of Turkey, make a lot of thought about residence permit in Turkey. Some people think about buying home and other are willing to invest in different part of the country. But the problem of residence is a major challenge for them.

There are different ways to get the residence permit of Turkey, so if you are looking for the latest information about the best way, follow on with us in Mediterranean Homes Group to answer your question about the best and easiest way for getting residence permit of Turkey.

Resident permit in Turkey by buying property

According to the new rules of the Turkish government, one of the ways to obtain a residence permit in Turkey is purchasing a property. Acquiring a residence permit by purchasing property is one of the most reliable ways that we will do it for you as one of our post-sales services.

First of all we have a look on difference in obtaining a residence permit by renting a property or buying a property. According to the new Turkish immigration laws, there is no entitlement to a resident permit for people applying through rental property. In order to facilitate living conditions and encourage more nationals from other countries to invest in Turkey, the Turkish government has offered an extendable one-year residence permit for property buyers in Turkey, which increased to two years in 2017.

Process of getting a residence permit in Turkey

The process, which will be entirely done by our experts, is that we first fill out an online application form to apply for residence in Turkey through the immigration office website. After that, the system will announce the date and time of the submission of the document. The place of interview and presentation of the documents is the immigration department of the city where you purchased your property from.

Required documents:

 “All documents will be provided by us”

  • Application form for residence permit
  • The original and copy of your passport
  • Four photographs of new home owner
  • Turkish title deed (Tapu)
  • Payment of administrative expenses for resident card
  • Present a satisfaction of mother/father or supporter for people under the age 18

Other supplementary documents: meeting request form, official translation of passport pages, valid health insurance and paid costs receipt to the immigration office. At all stages of obtaining residence via purchasing home in Turkey, we will not leave you alone and all our services will be free for you.

Types of residence permit in Turkey

At the end, we want to look at the difference between citizenship, permanent or temporary residence permit, because it has been observed repeatedly that the lack of awareness of the difference between them has led to the misuse of unknowing persons.

Permanent residence permit means having a permanent visa and allowing permanent residence as a foreign national in Turkey with no need to extend residence. That is, if a person in Turkey legally leases a house or buys a property, he can apply for a short term residence permit, but he will not be allowed to work with this permit. And if he leaves Turkey more than 180 days in a year, his residence permit will be automatically terminated.

Now, if a person has been legally resident in Turkey for eight years, he can apply for permanent residence, which is completely different from the citizenship privilege. Permanent residence means that a person as a foreigner has the right to live permanently in Turkey, but he is never a citizen or a national of this country. Therefore, obtaining a Turkish passport does not include this person. In temporary residence permit you can get a temporary one-year resident permit in Turkey by renting a home. In this way, you have to renew your resident permit each year. And many of the benefits of this country might be available for you.

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