Rent a car in Turkey

Rent a car in Turkey

Drive your dream by our cheap car rental service

Luxurious European car is everyone’s dream to drive. It is a great chance to experience driving your dream cars in few days with a suitable price. Besides its’ prestige, choosing rental car in Turkey makes the customers to get rid of insurance, tax and damage costs in their travels. Since rent a car in Turkey helps the customers to save their money, it is more helpful than buying a car.

We are proud to give car rental service in Turkey to our respected customers with some special merits. Firstly, many choices are available to select. To enjoy our journey, there are various Standard, Economical, Estate, SUV, People Carrier, Convertible and Luxury cars as rental car options in Turkey and enjoy your journey. Secondly, you can take your rental car everywhere you want; even at the airport. The third great point is our cheap car rental service and fair prices. You can get informed of our prices simply by calling us. The other strong points of renting a car in Turkey through us are:

  • Booking and credit card fees are free
  • Short term and also long term car rental are available
  • There is 24/7 phone support

Some necessary information when renting a car

Before using our cheap car rental service, please keep in mind to collect some information regarding Turkey’s driving style, speed limits and the driving rules. Here we just mention some necessary points. Speed limitations are:

  • 50 Km/h in urban roads
  • 90 Km/h in rural roads
  • 120 Km/h in highways
  • And, renting a car is possible for people older than 21

FAQs about renting a car in Alanya

  1. How much should we pay for renting a car in Turkey? The average cost of rental car in Turkey is  $27 for a day
  2. Which rental car is the most popular in Turkey? The most frequently used rental car in is Ford Focus
  3. Is cancellation possible? Yes. You can cancel your reservation within 48 hours of your booking.
  4. Can we change the rented car? Yes. Provided that you change your car before starting the car rental.
  5. Do the charges apply in case of cancelling or changing the booking? Cancellation is charge free only up to 48 hours before start of rental date. Absolutely the prices will be changed based on some alterations; such as the rental period.

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  • Beds: 5
  • Baths: 4
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  • Baths: 4
  • 330 m2
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  • Beds: 3
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  • Bath: 1
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Fully furnished apartment in Alanya

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  • Baths: 2
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Affordable home in Alanya

  • €46,000
  • Bed: 1
  • Bath: 1
  • 78 m2
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