Citizenship in Turkey

Getting citizenship in Turkey is only in our specialty

One of the other services that our company presents to you, is how to get citizenship in Turkey. We will answer all your questions correctly, and so, no worries will be left to you.
At a time when obtaining citizenship of other countries of the world is very difficult and expensive, Turkey with its pleasant climate and sunny coastal towns has opened the hug. An excellent and never-ending holiday, nice people with a lovely culture and traditions, with a lower price than other countries has widened the way for foreign enthusiasts.

The Turkish government has made the condition of obtaining citizenship in Turkey even easier for foreign nationals by changing some of immigration rules. This laws related mainly to applicants intending to obtain citizenship through investment or purchase of property.

The new changes suggest that the amount of money needed to invest which is one of the main conditions of citizenship in Turkey, has fallen sharply. Applicants have previously had to buy houses worth at least 1 million USD to acquire Turkish citizenship, but now it has fallen to 250,000 USD. Let’s check the benefits before deciding to take Turkish citizenship.

Important advantages of citizenship in Turkey through purchase of property

  1. Getting Family Citizenship: A spouse and children under the age of 18 can receive citizenship at the same time.
  2. No need to declare assets: When you are applying for citizenship in Turkey, you are not required to declare your current income in other countries.
  3. Returning Capital to Your Country: After investing for 3 years, you can convert your investment into cash and bring it to your country without currency restrictions.
  4. Visa-free travel: the issue of the liberation of Schengen visas, the purpose of which is the right to travel without a visa, which will be added after the implementation of 26 European countries to the list of 102 previous countries that citizens and holders of the passport can travel freely and without visas.
  5. There is no need for permanent residence: respected investors can live outside of Turkey and apply for citizenship in Turkey upon their residence permit.
  6. Opening of international bank accounts in banks around the world
  7. Receive loans and loans for the purchase of real estate, vehicles and…. Very low interest rates between 1 and 4 percent
  8. Living in a safe country of the world
  9. The possibility of cheap education in Turkish universities: Turkish universities are one of the most prestigious universities in the world that are comparable to European universities.
  10. Free trade and without sanctions all around the world
  11. The possibility of managing the company on the Internet around the world
  12. Ability to receive international telephone numbers in Turkey for your business

Application process of citizenship in Turkey

When you buy a property worth more than 250,000 US Dollars, you are requesting the department of land (Tapu department) to obtain Turkish citizenship. This request is also sent to the ministry of the environment. Evaluation officers examine the value of the property and if the property value exceeds 250.000 US Dollars, they will issue confirmation.

The ministry of inform will also mention in document that this property is non-marketable, which there is no possibility of buying and selling this property, for three years. At the end, they will send the documents to the directorate General for Population and Citizenship, and you will be invited to receive a Turkish ID card and passport and final signature.

We are beside of our client in all the steps of getting citizenship in Turkey. After purchasing the property by customers, our company will provide all free affiliate affairs through Turkish lawyers through the provision of free after-purchase services.

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