Free inspection trip 

Our offer is a safe way to buy property. Since we are very confident to our own teamwork and our career, guarantee that you can find your property within just 4 working days, which is done in 4 steps. After you have seen your favorite home and getting familiar with the laws of buying property in Turkey, we will do all of  administrative work for you, free of charge.

Airport transfer 

We have several services for our customers, one of which, is the transfer from the airports to your residence. It takes place during the process of buying property. Please keep in mind that, you have sent us your full specifications. Surely there are many questions about this issue, in your mind.

Rent a car

Another exciting service for our valued customers is driving their dream car, which can be possible by rent it. We will give you this great opportunity to experience driving with luxury European cars. Also by renting a car, in addition to saving money, you get rid of insurance costs, taxes and losses on your journey. 

House cleaning services 

Certainly, when you buy your property and you need to clean it up before enter it, or at any other time your home needs to be clean, we will serve with our service packages. For more information of package types and find the one you are looking for please contact us.

Interior design 

We will resolve your concerns about the design of your home, after purchase of the property. Our company provides free advice to people, who need help with or consultation, after buying a house, in the field of interior design, of their home. Also, our company introduces people who will do it, at a very lower cost than others.

Property renovation 

We will give you this assurance that buying property from us does not mean the end of work. Even after purchasing the property, we are with you. This service will include upgrading and repair services, and our professional team will do their work to get your complete satisfaction. They will work accurately, according to your budget. Also, it is worth mentioning that for the esteem of our dear customers, the consolation of this service is free of charge.

We help you for mortgage 

If you are thinking about investing and job creating, or buying your dream house and staying in Turkey, we can certainly make it easier, by getting a bank loan. To this end, we will inform you about how to get a loan. There is many Banks in Turkey, which have made the process of getting lend easier, for those who decide to buy property in Turkey. And to receive a loan, we only need to collect the required documents and deliver to the bank. You should keep in mind that, this loan will also include interest. 

Residence permit process 

When deciding to stay in Turkey, you should consider that, like any other country, obtaining this residence can be done in the short and long term, and each of this, needs its own documentation. We will guide you, from which ways you can access to get the permission of that. As well as that, with getting permission to stay in Turkey (whether in a short or long term), you will enjoying a lot of benefits. Including: Possibility of obtaining permanent residence and passport of Turkey, The relatively low cost of living in Turkey, Salaries and wages in this country are such that a person can provide a decent life for herself/himself, Opening an international bank account and Freely and comfortably trade.

Citizenship in Turkey by investment 

Based on the amendment of the Turkish Citizenship Act, the conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship rights for foreign nationals were facilitated. According to the new amendment, citizenship will be granted to foreign nationals who are going to invest in Turkey real estate and immovable property for a sum of $250,000 or equivalent to Lira. The minimum purchase price of real estate in Turkey has been reduced from $1,000,000 to $250,000. 

For more information, read Turkey home buyer guide page or contact us.

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