About us

Alanya Property and Mediterranean Homes Company

Our activities in the field of real estate are not limited in Turkey and Alanya, We provide property for home buyers in over 67 countries with a large number of dealerships around the world.

Mediterranean Homes Company

We try to localize our property services in attractive cities such as Alanya, therefore in 2016 we established the Mediterranean Homes Company in Alanya. Alanya is one of the most attractive areas of Turkey for foreign investors, and Turkish government offers excellent facilities for foreign property buyers.

Due to the long experience of real estate market in different parts of the world, we identified the best real estate developers in Alanya and working directly with them. Therefore, we created a possibility for foreign home buyers to be able to buy properties directly from the developers. Mediterranean Homes Company is only cooperating with reputable, well-known and reliable construction companies in Alanya, because providing our customers with quality real estate is our primary goal.

During the time of our operating in Alanya, the Mediterranean Homes Company has been able to invite a wide range of property buyers from Europe, Canada and Middle east to Alanya. Due to the fact that many real estate investors in Alanya are from different countries, our company’s agents can speak with customers in English, Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, Deutsche, Danish, Czech, Russian, Persian, Arabic and etc.