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LinkedIn is investing in Turkey

LinkedIn is investing in Turkey - Alanya Property |

The LinkedIn, which has gained momentum in recent years and is a social networking site, is aimed at bringing together the business community alongside each other on a global level. In this operating system, registered members will be able to build trust-based networks so that they can collaborate with each other, if necessary.

Generally, the operating system provides basic memberships, for free creating network members to making connections. This American company, with 500 million active users all over the world, plans to establish an office in Turkey in order to potentially create a massive business, and has already begun job interviews in this regard.

A report based on the fact that LinkedIn hosted a video conferencing session with executive candidates two weeks ago in Turkey. According to the report, the management, has been decided to create about 50 job opportunities, and given this decision, an office, has been taken by the manager, to execute this work in Istanbul. The company also released information that LinkedIn did not intend to lose this stage.

That with having it, will not leave this potential opportunity for the Turkish market. In an interview with the candidates, they talked about benefiting from the rapid growth of the Turkish market. This discussion was conducted with the aim of increasing the SMEs share in this growth, and managing the timing and finding the best possible time for the opening of such an office.

Microsoft earned ownership of LinkedIn in 2016 at a cost of $ 26.6 million. Which increased 26% in the Turkish market last year and reaching 6 million users. LinkedIn has been reported to have decided to launch operations in 30 other countries and plans to start this from Istanbul. At present, the offices of this company, which is headquartered in Dublin, are in 18 countries, and the LinkedIn has 5 million members in 200 countries worldwide.

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