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Antalya third airport will open in 2022

Alanya Property - Post - Antalya Airport |

Turkey keeps on making essential strides because of the expanding potential in approaching the travel industry.

Antalya city has been getting a charge out of expanding request from Middle East nations just as guests from western nations like UK, Germany and those in Scandinavia.

About this pattern the organization has just begun activities to give enhanced trip conditions to guests to be facilitated in the country and began new tasks.

Inside this casing work West Antalya Airport, which is wanted to end up the third air terminal, is booked to be finished by 2022.

Taking an interest in the opening function of “Low Level Wind Breaking Warning System” which will add to flight security in Antalya, Vice President Fuat Oktay has noticed that the administration expects to finish the new air terminal to be worked by 2022. Antalya now has two air terminals.

The Vice President additionally said “Antalya Airport which had a traveler traffic of 10 million 371 thousand in 2003, achieved 31 million 566 thousand, last year. The quantity of visitors coming to Antalya in 2018 was 12.4 million. We began to work for the development of an air terminal called West Antalya Airport. We plan to finish the air terminal by 2022 and would like to place it in administration”.

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Turkey is going to be fifth biggest economy in 2030

Turkey is going to be fifth biggest economy in 2030 |

Turks would now be able to anticipate the future with expectation; Standard Chartered, a regarded British money related foundation, has declared the nations expected to have the biggest economies in 2030. The organization evaluates that by 2030, seven of the world’s main 10 economies will be what we call “emerging markets” today and Turkey is relied upon to rank fifth among those nations.

As indicated by the report shared by the money related establishment the Chinese economy will take ahead of all comers in 2030 followed by India.

The great part for Turkey, then again, is that regardless of such a significant number of issues it needed to adapt to as of late and even decades, this nation has been genuinely attempting to have its spot among biggest economies and it would be a major prize to rank fifth among such huge numbers of giant economies on the planet.

As to report issued, the organization noticed that while assessing results total national output figures of concerned nations had been considered. As indicated by the report Brazil, Egypt and Russia will rank under Turkey. The report additionally says Japan and Germany will rank ninth and tenth on the rundown. Shockingly nations, for example, the UK, Italy, France and Canada are not expected to discover a spot in the best ten rundown.

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LinkedIn is investing in Turkey

LinkedIn is investing in Turkey - Alanya Property |

The LinkedIn, which has gained momentum in recent years and is a social networking site, is aimed at bringing together the business community alongside each other on a global level. In this operating system, registered members will be able to build trust-based networks so that they can collaborate with each other, if necessary.

Generally, the operating system provides basic memberships, for free creating network members to making connections. This American company, with 500 million active users all over the world, plans to establish an office in Turkey in order to potentially create a massive business, and has already begun job interviews in this regard.

A report based on the fact that LinkedIn hosted a video conferencing session with executive candidates two weeks ago in Turkey. According to the report, the management, has been decided to create about 50 job opportunities, and given this decision, an office, has been taken by the manager, to execute this work in Istanbul. The company also released information that LinkedIn did not intend to lose this stage.

That with having it, will not leave this potential opportunity for the Turkish market. In an interview with the candidates, they talked about benefiting from the rapid growth of the Turkish market. This discussion was conducted with the aim of increasing the SMEs share in this growth, and managing the timing and finding the best possible time for the opening of such an office.

Microsoft earned ownership of LinkedIn in 2016 at a cost of $ 26.6 million. Which increased 26% in the Turkish market last year and reaching 6 million users. LinkedIn has been reported to have decided to launch operations in 30 other countries and plans to start this from Istanbul. At present, the offices of this company, which is headquartered in Dublin, are in 18 countries, and the LinkedIn has 5 million members in 200 countries worldwide.

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Time to Invest in Turkey

Time to Invest in Turkey - Alanya Property |

Mark Faber, who has gained fame, for his extraordinary anticipations on the global market crisis, declared that Turkey has choices for alternative partnerships. And this was the time to invest in Turkey’s wealth. He also added that, will buy some Turkish stocks.

Mark Faber, the publisher and editor of the “Gloom, Boom and Doom”, was rejected The foreign policy and economic policies of the United States , adding that diplomacy in foreign policy is not being implemented by Trump. Instead, He is behaving “like a bull in a china shop” as the idiom goes. He is constantly unfairly blaming and criticizing, but there is no diplomacy at the end of the day.

He mention about recent developments in Turkey, this country, has had other options in this regard, pointing out that Turkey can act as a NATO (which has very strategic bases in this country) to deal with the Trump To play a role. Turkey has two active options, which will be available in the long run, one of them is getting closer to Europe and staying in NATO, and the other is joining the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. Which means the withdrawal of Turkey from the western bloc, or at least have little or no ties to them and establish strong relations with Russia and China.

Mr.Erdogan has the ability to make the case possible. I’m pretty sure that Tramp does not realize at all the power of this probability. Mark Faber said the value of Turkish shares are higher than the US dollar, according to Turkish assets. Currently, Turkish stocks are buy-in-limit, and I will buy some of them. Now I have a few of them in my portfolio. Although their number is not high. With all of this, I think it’s time to invest in Turkish assets.

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Demand increased for properties in Turkey

Alanya Property - Demand increased for properties in Turkey |

In recent years, Turkey has been the flagship of selling property to other countries. Despite the fact that many retirees from foreign countries have bought property in this country, but none of them have reached the level of the British, because they have taken the first place. One of the reasons why buyers are eager to buy property is the difference and the crisis of the exchange rate in Turkey with other countries.

So that real estate consultants, recently, has left behind busy weeks to answer real estate questions in places like: Bodrum, Fethiye in south-western Turkey, as well as Istanbul. Tolga Ertukel, Director of Turkey Homes which is one of the leading real estate companies in the Turkish market, says: “No doubt, the decrease in the rate of Turkish lira, the desire for purchase, has increased in foreign buyers.

He adds: At the moment, the customer can own a property with a 20% less than last week. This is obviously because the buying power of sterling has increased as Turkish Lira has lost value against it.

This will greatly enhance the buyer’s motivation and, as a result, a lot of purchases in this field. And this is clearly on our company’s web page, due to the large number of requests received per day and the number of entries there, with relevant keyword words “properties in Turkey” can be viewed largely.

The interest in showing the purchase of property in Turkey is not only limited to the United Kingdom, potential buyers from Western Europe, or expat Turks living in Germany and elsewhere in Europe, Prospective buyers from Middle East have also made their appetite. And many flights from the Middle East have flown to Istanbul, and now, many of the time, are being booked in Turkey by various investors to close deals.

On the other hand, it’s important to note that developers in Turkey are looking to find ways to compensate for the losses caused by currency fluctuations by raising the price of new homes or apartments. Therefore, this is a great opportunity for potential buyers, who will find the right situations before they become expensive.

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The golden ladle International food competition

Alanya Property - The golden ladle International food competition -

For the sixth time this competition is held. And the venue is in Alanya Külture Merkez (culture house on Damlatas). From Friday to Sunday, all days were filled with breathtaking challenge.

This competition was among the participants who needed to make, design and present their food at the appointed time. Amid of these contests between different rivals and their different foods, Alanya foods, Sea foods and specially, dishes with using of Salmon were abundant.

In spite of all the difficulties in the race, there was a good atmosphere at this International Food Competition. And this was, because of shared free tasting, next to the many participants. One of the referees in this good and popular race, was Alper, Who has known as an excellent chef, at the Cikilli Restaurant.

In addition to the local referees from Alanya, the other skillful judges also came together from other parts of Turkey to judge this competition. He laid his time for interviewing the participants, while they were preparing their food. Next to him was Nelson, who study gastronomy in Mersin.

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The International Stone Sculpture Symposium

Alanya Property - The International Stone Sculpture Symposium |

On October 1st, the 14th course, of Alanya stone sculpture symposium which is called in Turkish “14. UluslararasI Alanya Taş Heykel Sempozyumu” Will be held.

This symposium will begin on October 1st and finish on October 30th. Based on the applications, 10 participants have been selected from 6 different countries: Valentsin Borzdy (Belarus), Timuçin Çakaloz (Turkey), Evrim Çamoğlu (Turkey), Zhifeng Lan (China), Alessio Ranaldi (Italy), Mikhail Sobolev (Russia), Hakan Şengönül (Turkey), Vasyl Tatarsky (Ukraine), Ferit Yazıcı (Turkey), and Yıldız Güner (Turkey).

This gathering is held every year in a different way and each year has its own theme, which this year’s theme is “Street Sculptures with Child Subject”. And it is an extraordinary meet for celebrating 2017. It is open to the public and the work will be on the harbor behind Belediye.

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International Art of Alanya Exhibition

Alanya Property - International Art of Alanya Exhibition |

The third Alanya International Art Exhibition will be held in this city on October 17, 18 and 19. The opening date and time of this exhibition are 17th and at 14:30 O’clock. Also the venue of this fair is in the Alanya Kultur Merkezi (Alanya´s culture center).

The exhibition is a collection of professional relics, as well as some of artistic expressions of artists, that made for entertainment. Should be mentioned that, the language of Art is an international language, through which diverse nations are linked by various forms of art.

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