About Tosmur

About Tosmur - Alanya Property | alanya-property.com

Tosmur is a village in the Alanya area of Antalya Province. Its GPS coordinates are 36.532010° N, 32.052870° E. This village is located next to the OBA district. The distance to the center of Alanya is only 6 kilometers (3.72mi). The separation to Antalya is 140 kilometers (87 mi) and about 2 hours driving.

The number of residents in the last census of the population in 2013 was 8005. The climate of this region is mild and the sun usually shines. Rainy days raise more in winter than other seasons. The average of annual temp and rainfall is 18.7 °C and 1075 mm.

This village is like the gate of paradise due to the located beside Dim-river, the entrance to the river passes through this area, so from Tosmur to the first entertainment venues of Dim-river is only 10 min.

The closest airport is Gazipaşa in a distance of 34 Km (28 Mi) that is been located in South-East. Besides the airports, there are other travel options available.

Residents and Housing

About Tosmur - Alanya Property | alanya-property.com

Construction, like the rest of the Alanya, is very prosperous. There are old houses beside new houses, disintegrated houses will be demolished and new houses will be built with more facilities. The reason for these construction is the lack of empty land so for building new projects have to ruining the old ones, but this upgrade making the area look always greater.

These new residential complexes offer rich facilities as pool with Children’s Pool Individually, sauna, sport club and don’t be surprise with seeing solarium room or tennis court. There are many good choices to being landlord here and take advantage of the great facilities of this area.

This area could be good place for first and permanent home because surrounded by many green areas, a beautiful beach, many shops, tastefully restaurants, proximity to supermarkets and Weekly fresh markets. All of these facilities is in walking distance so there is no need to any vehicle.

This village is also an extremely attractive place to live and make the most of your vacation, it offers numerous luxurious residences with many facilities and exceptionally appealing costs. Because of this there are Lots of European like Germans and Russians stay here.


About Tosmur - Alanya Property | alanya-property.com

The major point that tourists select this place is environment and the wonderful characteristic view, and this is for the village extends from the beach front strip towards the mountains. Also the scene of orange and lemon groves give more cheerfulness to this landscape.