About Mahmutlar

About Mahmutlar - Mediterranean Homes Group

Mahmutlar is a rapidly district 6 Km away from Alanya center. It is located between Taurus Mountains and the Mediterranean Sea. Kargıcak and Kestel town are in it’s neighborhood.

Mahmutlar’s subtropical climate with 300 sunny days is among the main reasons to be a popular destination to spend holidays. It becomes hot and dry in summers. But it mostly experiences warm rainy days in winters. The average temperature is 18,6°C. The Maquis is the dominant vegetation in this region.

The population of the village differs in some seasons. So that it reaches 60.000 in the summer time and 15.000 in winter. Most of the citizenry are Irish, Dutch, Russian and German people. Its public transportation sounds good. Buses go all day long to Alanya city center and all of the touristic areas. There is a regular time table of the buses to wherever people need to go.

Social facilities in Mahmutlar

The grocery shopping Bazaar opens two times a week. In Mahmutlar every Tuesday and Saturday this grocery Bazaar meets all daily needs of the people. People buy clothes, bags, fruits, vegetables, nuts and sweets. Also there are many hotels, shops, restaurants, discos, bars, Turkish baths, hairdressers, car rentals, handy crafts and tourist institutions in the region.

Mahmutlar’s Roads 

About Mahmutlar - Mediterranean Homes Group

There are three roads ending to Mahmutler

  • Main road: It is the sea road stretches from Antalya to the east of Turkey.
  • Barbaros road: this is the wide inner road towards the mountains. There are various shops, restaurants and bars on the road. The Mahmutlar Clock Tower and Lokants are the attractions of this road. Lokantas is a Turkish eating style.
  • Jandarma road: This is the nearest road to the mountains in the old part of Mahmutlar. The police army is in charge of this road.

Business at Mahmutlar

The economy in this area revolves around the tourism industry. Selling and renting properties to foreigners are the main business of the people. Since Mahmutlar is surrounded with banana plantations, wonderful sea and impressive mountains, it is known as the Pearl of Turkey. Its unique features such as quietness, peace, beautiful views, and also neighborhood with beautiful views of the sea and mountains, and also neighborhood with Gazipasa airport make it a proper place for investment.

Tourist attractions in Mahmutlar

About Mahmutlar - Mediterranean Homes Group

The main attractions of the region are:

  • Dim Dam
  • The Ancient city of Syedra
  • Naula Ancient city
  • Great sandy beaches

Tourists’ activities in Mahmutlar:

There are variety of interesting activities for the tourists such as walking in the forest and magnificent canyons, hiking in the mountain, fishing and watching dolphins in the sea. Sports play an important role in Mahmutlar’s tourism. These sports include playing paintball, go-cart, golf, bowling on the earth and rafting, parasailing, riding Jet-ski and skiing in the sea.