About Avsallar

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Avsallar is a town in the Alanya area of Antalya Province. Its GPS coordinates are 36.6225 ° N, 31.7673 ° E. It is a beach front town. It is on Turkish state highway D.400 which keeps running from west to east in southern Turkey. The separation to Alanya is 25 kilometers (16 mi) and located to the west of it.

The distance to Antalya is 105 kilometers (65 mi). The number of Avsallar residents in 2012 was 9527, which is expected to reach 11,545 by the end of 2017. The atmosphere of region is common Mediterranean which mean hot and dry in summer and mild and rainy in winter.

Residents and Housing

About Avsallar - Alanya Property | alanya-property.com

Sunshine is guaranteed from April to November because of that a large portion of the occupants in this district are European vacationer that suffered the lack of sunny day in their country. Avsallar is fantastic area for buying an occasion home close to the Mediterranean sea with low costs.

These low costs aren’t for utilizing terrible material to making houses, simply because of the high empty land and also due to the distance of 25 km to Alanya, land prices are lower, so here the quality of houses is equivalent to the downtown area, yet with more facilities, such as larger pools and larger green spaces, are offered to foreign tourists at lower prices. This area is very good for realizing the desire to have a house near the sea.

This area could be boring or exhausting place in the low season, due to lack of local population, on the other hand in the high season, it is extremely charming and enchanting by the live and exceptionally alluring beaches. Also, there is lot of luxury hotels due to this thriving high seasons, which they can do with their classy guest, to the greater attractiveness of these beaches.

Ancient Places in Avsallar

About Avsallar - Alanya Property | alanya-property.com

Due to the rich history of Turkey, There are wealth of strange historical things and traditional urban areas. Syedra old fashioned city, hasbaçhe house Sarapsa, are in the surroundings of Avsallar, those urban communities are example of this rich history. Avsallar has a very good position to set up an archaeological journey to Turkey, because in addition to the areas mentioned above, there are other ancient regions such as the Velflans the house and museum of Atatürk, the Alarahan, the İotape, the Seljukians Madrasah and the Sarapsa İnn or the Damlataş cave, that is not so far away, so Avsallar is central position and ideal for archaeological trip to Turkey.

Social facilities in Avsallar

About Avsallar - Alanya Property | alanya-property.com

There are all kind of facilities in this place such as a bar, shopping center, grocery store, restaurants, banks and pharmacy. In addition to these facilities, it should be noted to the amenities in the lovely nature that make it possible to have an extraordinary family picnics.

About beaches of Avsallar

About Avsallar - Alanya Property | alanya-property.com

İncekum and Fugla are famous seasides of Avsallar that its sand is nice, clean and very soft which doesn’t stick body. Incekum is one of the best sandy beach in Alanya which offers great aqua entertainment as a boat-trips, paragliding, banana-boat, jet-ski, water-skiing, rafting, and scuba diving, Also many have dreamed of riding horse on the beach, here there is chance to knock this adventure off.