Cozy apartments for sale in Alanya

This complex is suitable for those who looking for comfortable apartments for sale in Alanya. The positive features of these apartments are site location and territory.  The area where this project is located has a lot of positive points.

Here’s a look at these features, first we describe the region where the project is located.

About Cikcilli region

Apartments For Sale in Alanya - Mediterranean Homes GroupThe Cikcilli area is located approximately one kilometer from the center of Alanya, According to the laws of the municipality in Cikcilli, developers can build more than 10 floors in the area. In the past, the price of land in Cikcilli was so cheap, and property builders built complexes on very large lands.

Because of the large gardens around the complexes, buildings are far apart, and in such situations, from the windows of these apartments for sale in Alanya you have always wide view to the mountains and sea.

Currently, land prices have increased in Cikcilli, so new buildings are on small land plots and they are close together. Therefore they have a negative impact on their view. As a result, you are recommended to buy non-new property in this area.

Cikcilli became popular because there are numerous shopping and markets and there is a low distance to the center of Alanya. The location of this project is about one kilometer to the sea and there are nearby big hypermarkets such as Kipa and Metro.

Facilities in Cikcilli

Apartments For Sale in Alanya - Mediterranean Homes GroupEvery Saturday you can reach to “Bazaar” with a three-minute walk from the complex, In Bazaar you can buy fresh fruits, vegetables and dairy products at a very cheap price.

One of the most important things about this project is the main street that has just been built. This is a D400 road that is close to this complex. If you enter in this road and move to the west, you will arrive at Alanya City Center. If you continue you will arrive in “Alanya – Antalya” main route. Without staying in traffic, you can easily reach the places you need to go.

If you move eastward after entering this road, you will arrive at the Grand Metro Hypermarket and the largest Alanya Hospital in less than 5 minutes. This road will connects Cikcilli region to Alanya International Airport within 20 minutes. The complex is also less than 5 minutes away from the Alanyium Mall, and the largest Alanya Malls that will be built soon are accessible from this route.

About complex area

This complex is surrounded by greenery and extensive banana gardens, From the northern balconies of these apartments for sale in Alanya you can see the green mountains. From the southern balconies you have a nice view to the Alanya city and Mediterranean Sea. The beautiful view around this complex will be permanent because there is no land to build new buildings.

Complex facilities

Apartments For Sale in Alanya - Mediterranean Homes GroupThis project consists of three blocks and is built on a 12,000 Sqm land plot. The large garden that belongs to this complex has many facilities for residents. A large swimming pool and a nice indoor pool are located in the middle of this garden.

There is a restaurant and bar near the pools, which serves a variety of drinks and meals. There is also a soccer field and tennis court on site and you can also use the gym, Turkish bath and massage rooms.

Fortunately, a professional massager is always available to you at this complex because he lives there and he is one the site’s crew. The team that works as a guard here is amazing because they help residents in every issues.

The beauty of the project

Apartments For Sale in Alanya - Mediterranean Homes GroupYou can enjoy your living in these apartments for sale in Alanya, because the big garden of this complex is always beautiful, two full-time gardeners working in this site, which has made it enjoyable in all seasons.

Almost once a month, there is a happy party in garden, which is managed by the personnel of the site. The residents will be served with a variety of foods and drinks. The happy atmosphere of life in this complex is always underway because its employees always pay attention to you and provide you peace and serenity.

The apartments for sale in Alanya that situated in this site are completely renovated and have large balconies with amazing view to the mountains and sea.

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