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Alanya property offers the best properties in Alanya and surrounding according to price and quality. We only work with trusted construction and developer companies in Alanya. Our team as a professional Alanya real estate adviser assist you to find your dream home at reasonable price. Local realtors in Alanya property know every districts of the city well and guide you to choose the best location that meets your requirement. Now Investing in Alanya real estate market is easy with our team. We prepared user friendly and continuously updated pages for those who need all in one website to buy home in Alanya.


Due to Alanya geographical condition, green mountains are close to Mediterranean sea, you can find amazing villas in the middle of beautiful forest of Alanya that facing to the sea.


According to article 66 of the Turkish constitution, you can obtain Turkish citizenship by investment, we offer approved properties by government in Alanya real estate market in order to apply for citizenship in Turkey after home purchasing.

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Popular project by location in Alanya

The listing below indicates most popular Alanya projects that offer nice apartments in different locations. These projects including nice amenities for its residents, they compete to offer more luxurious facilities, therefore you will love every property that you visit in Alanya through our team. It makes complicated situation to choose one of them, but don’t worry,  we first take information from your needs then introduce the best location and projects that are suit for you


Property listing in Avsallar

Project IDBedroomFrom(m²)To(m²)From(€)To(€)Beach(m)Airport(km)
AVS1235801 to 33419531,000135,00080065
AVS1235810 to 43716837,000165,00075066
AVS1235820 to 34715439,000119,00055066


Property listing in Alanya Center

Project IDBedroomFrom(m²)To(m²)From(€)To(€)Beach(m)Airport(km)
CNT1235801 to 363146140,000230,00010043
CNT1235811 to 36115593,000299,00025035
CNT1235821 to 45818979,000219,00035040


Property listing in Cikcilli

Project IDBedroomFrom(m²)To(m²)From(€)To(€)Beach(m)Airport(km)
CKL1235811 to 36614068,000152,000 120041
CKL1235820 to 64324757,000244,000170039


Property listing in Oba

Project IDBedroomFrom(m²)To(m²)From(€)To(€)Beach(m)Airport(km)
OBA1235801 to 468247118,000475,00010035
OBA1235811 to 26313960,000125,00095045
OBA1235822 to 4106231119,000249,00070040


Property listing in Tosmur

Project IDBedroomFrom(m²)To(m²)From(€)To(€)Beach(m)Airport(km)
TSM1235801 to 36520159,000221,000 10033
TSM1235811 to 48520579,000195,00040035
TSM1235820 to 44218036,000187,00070040


Property listing in Kestel

Project IDBedroomFrom(m²)To(m²)From(€)To(€)Beach(m)Airport(km)
KST1235800 to 44522539,000168,00030035
KST1235811 to 46414672,000170,00020034
KST1235820 to 44715045,000175,00020036
KST1235832 to 5100240115,000415,0007029
KST1235841 to 35217555,000154,00010033


Property listing in Mahmutlar

Project IDBedroomFrom(m²)To(m²)From(€)To(€)Beach(m)Airport(km)
MHT1235811 to 36019059,000325,0005032
MHT1235821 to 55023095,000320,0005022
MHT1235831 to 56537562,000370,00040027
MHT1235841 to 387265115,000415,0005029
MHT1235851 to 36525155,000240,00050034
MHT1235861 to 47323049,000160,00020030
MHT1235871 to 45918354,000139,00024030


Property listing in Kargicak

Project IDBedroomFrom(m²)To(m²)From(€)To(€)Beach(m)Airport(km)
KRG1235801 to 46525575,000255,00012018
KRG1235811 to 36827274,000320,00050025
KRG1235821 to 36827196,000490,00015026
KRG1235830 to 34017365,000205,0005026