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The International Stone Sculpture Symposium

Alanya Property - The International Stone Sculpture Symposium |

On October 1st, the 14th course, of Alanya stone sculpture symposium which is called in Turkish “14. UluslararasI Alanya Taş Heykel Sempozyumu” Will be held.

This symposium will begin on October 1st and finish on October 30th. Based on the applications, 10 participants have been selected from 6 different countries: Valentsin Borzdy (Belarus), Timuçin Çakaloz (Turkey), Evrim Çamoğlu (Turkey), Zhifeng Lan (China), Alessio Ranaldi (Italy), Mikhail Sobolev (Russia), Hakan Şengönül (Turkey), Vasyl Tatarsky (Ukraine), Ferit Yazıcı (Turkey), and Yıldız Güner (Turkey).

This gathering is held every year in a different way and each year has its own theme, which this year’s theme is “Street Sculptures with Child Subject”. And it is an extraordinary meet for celebrating 2017. It is open to the public and the work will be on the harbor behind Belediye.