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The golden ladle International food competition

Alanya Property - The golden ladle International food competition -

For the sixth time this competition is held. And the venue is in Alanya Külture Merkez (culture house on Damlatas). From Friday to Sunday, all days were filled with breathtaking challenge.

This competition was among the participants who needed to make, design and present their food at the appointed time. Amid of these contests between different rivals and their different foods, Alanya foods, Sea foods and specially, dishes with using of Salmon were abundant.

In spite of all the difficulties in the race, there was a good atmosphere at this International Food Competition. And this was, because of shared free tasting, next to the many participants. One of the referees in this good and popular race, was Alper, Who has known as an excellent chef, at the Cikilli Restaurant.

In addition to the local referees from Alanya, the other skillful judges also came together from other parts of Turkey to judge this competition. He laid his time for interviewing the participants, while they were preparing their food. Next to him was Nelson, who study gastronomy in Mersin.