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Alanya Property and Selected Ltd.

We started our story 5 years ago in a cosy office in Oba, Alanya with a team of five persons. Although we are a new company, 22 years of experience of our managers in sectors such as tourism, management and real estate helped us turn into a well-recognized and reliable company. As a green company, we knew we had to work hard. Our initial motto was “First earn friends, money comes second.” Our approach in business allowed us to become one of the best in where we are based. The number of our team members committed and devoted to our motto grew day by day. As of today, twelve persons are in our team and provides management services to twenty residential complexes and home service to many private apartment and villas. Our professional team is ready to solve your technical troubles and answer your questions in six different languages.

‘Rather lose money than trust’, has always been our indispensable guideline.

While the growth continued and we develop ourselves with Selected, in 2017 we established our own transfer company upon several requests we received from our customers. We started to provide Airport VIP transfer and daily excursion and tour activities with a separate team of 8 persons within LuminyaTurizmLtd.Şti. Company. After studying the sector representatives, who did what we are doing now before us, we again put a milestone with Luminya Tourism and differed from the others easily. We launched with our constant principles providing free wi-fi service, free drinking water in our vehicles and professional drivers dressed in uniform. We provided Airport VIP transfer services to 9000 customers in 2017 and to 15000 in 2018. We completed 2018 and entered 2019 with 95% of our airport transfer customers delighted with our services including our daily excursion and tours. We grow as we reach out to you more and more. 

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Selected Ltd. and Luminya Tourism Ltd. teams have increased the annual figures of 2018 up to 20% in 2019, and this has set an example of notable corporate coordination. Here I would like to thank both of our valued personnel which have brought us where we are now, and our customers, who’ve had their confidence and trust in us and come all this way along with us.

In the past couple of years we tried to effectively make a use of technology and alternative communication means. We delivered forms for automatic residential complex inspection and home service apartment control sheets and we used our own software. After all, technology is developing very fast and Alanya in general was not sufficient to meet the needs of the current time.


For the very same reason, one and half year ago, we started working on our own App. We hope the Application will be ready for use shortly. The advantage of the App is that you will be able to contact us faster. You will be able to access required information faster, as well. In addition to that getting transfer, cleaning, technical and other services will easy for you. You will get the chance to benefit from the possibilities provided by the App. It is important to note, your language will be provided in the Application.

As Selected family, thanks to our valued clients’ support and trust, we started dealing with the sales of their apartments or we were requested our assistance in buying one for them. At first, we only forwarded our clients to other reliable companies. In no time, we took the matter into our hands. However, it was a completely different concept than what we normally do; therefore, took our time to perfect ourselves without taking the initial step.

Our mission has always been providing services of high quality as a real estate business. We keep in mind  that trust is not earned easily. We decided to create a new team and we have taught our new team members how precious the image we have gained for years is. We arranged a new office to be used for real astate activities only. We have worked intensively for expansion. We offer a wide portfolio of properties by trusted construction companies. We have been working effectively ever since, with a rapidly growing clientele.

Due to the long experience of real estate market in different parts of the world, we identified the best real estate developers in Alanya and we are working directly with them. 

Our valued guests and customers, we are dedicated to investing in people and our business as principle. Our aim has always been being trusted. Based on our observations that it is wrong to have same people doing all the job. We fortunately have not made that mistake. 

As of today, total number of 26 people work in Selected Management Company, Luminya Tourism and Selected Real Estate teams. All of them are very precious to us. They understand the responsibility of providing  services to you.

I would like to thank you once again for the trust, you put in us.


Bilal Zafer

On behalf of  Selected Ltd. Co.

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