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Time to Invest in Turkey

Time to Invest in Turkey - Alanya Property |

Mark Faber, who has gained fame, for his extraordinary anticipations on the global market crisis, declared that Turkey has choices for alternative partnerships. And this was the time to invest in Turkey’s wealth. He also added that, will buy some Turkish stocks.

Mark Faber, the publisher and editor of the “Gloom, Boom and Doom”, was rejected The foreign policy and economic policies of the United States , adding that diplomacy in foreign policy is not being implemented by Trump. Instead, He is behaving “like a bull in a china shop” as the idiom goes. He is constantly unfairly blaming and criticizing, but there is no diplomacy at the end of the day.

He mention about recent developments in Turkey, this country, has had other options in this regard, pointing out that Turkey can act as a NATO (which has very strategic bases in this country) to deal with the Trump To play a role. Turkey has two active options, which will be available in the long run, one of them is getting closer to Europe and staying in NATO, and the other is joining the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. Which means the withdrawal of Turkey from the western bloc, or at least have little or no ties to them and establish strong relations with Russia and China.

Mr.Erdogan has the ability to make the case possible. I’m pretty sure that Tramp does not realize at all the power of this probability. Mark Faber said the value of Turkish shares are higher than the US dollar, according to Turkish assets. Currently, Turkish stocks are buy-in-limit, and I will buy some of them. Now I have a few of them in my portfolio. Although their number is not high. With all of this, I think it’s time to invest in Turkish assets.

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Demand increased for properties in Turkey

Alanya Property - Demand increased for properties in Turkey |

In recent years, Turkey has been the flagship of selling property to other countries. Despite the fact that many retirees from foreign countries have bought property in this country, but none of them have reached the level of the British, because they have taken the first place. One of the reasons why buyers are eager to buy property is the difference and the crisis of the exchange rate in Turkey with other countries.

So that real estate consultants, recently, has left behind busy weeks to answer real estate questions in places like: Bodrum, Fethiye in south-western Turkey, as well as Istanbul. Tolga Ertukel, Director of Turkey Homes which is one of the leading real estate companies in the Turkish market, says: “No doubt, the decrease in the rate of Turkish lira, the desire for purchase, has increased in foreign buyers.

He adds: At the moment, the customer can own a property with a 20% less than last week. This is obviously because the buying power of sterling has increased as Turkish Lira has lost value against it.

This will greatly enhance the buyer’s motivation and, as a result, a lot of purchases in this field. And this is clearly on our company’s web page, due to the large number of requests received per day and the number of entries there, with relevant keyword words “properties in Turkey” can be viewed largely.

The interest in showing the purchase of property in Turkey is not only limited to the United Kingdom, potential buyers from Western Europe, or expat Turks living in Germany and elsewhere in Europe, Prospective buyers from Middle East have also made their appetite. And many flights from the Middle East have flown to Istanbul, and now, many of the time, are being booked in Turkey by various investors to close deals.

On the other hand, it’s important to note that developers in Turkey are looking to find ways to compensate for the losses caused by currency fluctuations by raising the price of new homes or apartments. Therefore, this is a great opportunity for potential buyers, who will find the right situations before they become expensive.